An interactive music-playing table with light visualization

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The 7 black circles on the table are painted with a special conductive paint. Thanks to the paint we are able to measure changes in electric field in a close area above or near these sensors.


All the sensors are connected to the heart of the table which is Touch Board by Bareconductive. There are 7 Arduino Nano boards that are receiving messages from Touch Board.


Led lights help us to determine a hand distance from each sensor. Under each sensor there is a Arduino Nano which is receiving the distance message from Touch Board and then toggling appropriate number of led lights.

Sensor type

Each sensor is one of the following type:
  • single tone - plays one tone in full sensor range
  • multi tone - toggling multiple tones based on the distance above the sensor
  • chord mode - plays an chord in full sensor range
  • multi chord - toggling multiple chords based on the distance above the sensor
  • arpeggio mode - play tones in tempo that is dynamically changing by the hand distance above the sensor

Midi output

The Play Table provides a USB MIDI output interface. This feature allows us to master the output from the table using a MIDI protocol.

Note setup

As we mentiond before, each sensor has assigned a sensor type. Play table dispones of a few predefined table setups for playing. Each setup then contains the information about the sensor setup (type, notes, distance thresholds).